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Employer's guide to Canadian payroll 2016: Your comprehensive source for payroll administration and deductions

Get a detailed overview of the major payroll and benefits policies and legal requirements that everyone who handles payroll should know.

Employer's guide to Canadian payroll 2016

In addition to the 2016 payroll rates and thresholds (CPP/QPP, EI, WCB, income tax, personal amounts, minimum wages, per-kilometre rates, RPP/RRSP limits, etc), learn about a break for employers that hire younger workers, a reduced TFSA limit, updated records of employment requirements and other important changes.

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Inside the guide

  • Employers across Canada will learn their payroll obligations, from payroll numbers to federal and provincial income taxes
  • With this information, employers can easily understand what is required to start payroll administration at their organization
  • Get the why and how of bonuses, vacation pay and other benefits, taxes and other source deductions
  • Understand tax forms and record-keeping obligations
  • Learn about the payroll implications and documents required when hiring or terminating employees
  • Stay up-to-date with current payroll rates for the year all in a convenient, comprehensive and clear package

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Print ISSN: 2292-7638  Online ISSN: 2292-7646

*This guide is currently up to date. If a new edition or update of this guide is published within 60 days of your purchase, the PDF version of the up-to-date guide will automatically be emailed to you. Print copies are available at an additional charge.

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