Pregnancy and parental leaves in Ontario, a compliance and best practice guide

Learn how to comply with employment standards, human rights and employment insurance requirements

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Employers face substantial legal requirements when employees take pregnancy and parental leaves. This how-to guide features clear, up-to-date information, best practices, and sample documents that will help your organization comply with the law, understand employment insurance qualifications and entitlements, maintain good employee relations and avoid messy legal problems.


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Inside the guide

  • Who is eligible for pregnancy and parental leave?
  • How much notice must an employee give?
  • When does a leave begin and how long can it last?
  • What effect does the leave have on employee entitlements to vacation and benefits?
  • What EI benefits are available during maternity or parental leaves?
  • How does a Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (SUB) plan work?
  • Pregnancy leave policy and procedures
  • Parental leave policy and procedures
  • Request for leave absence form

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Print ISSN: 2291-9635  Online ISSN: 2291-9643

*This guide is currently up to date. If a new edition or update of this guide is published within 60 days of your purchase, the PDF version of the up-to-date guide will automatically be emailed to you. Print copies are available at an additional charge.

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